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September 15, 2018
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September 15, 2018

We are an SEO service which offers online marketing assistance throughout the country. Some of our clients include larger corporations and firms such as American Luxury Limousine of Westlake Village and CPAP Pro of Simi Valley, California. 805WebDesign is a top-rated provider of social media management, website development, web designing, online marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO). We are a Newbury Park SEO company which has a proven record of increasing online visibility for an array of companies. In this article, we will introduce some of the quickest ways you can improve your rankings on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.

1. The Importance of Blogging

The importance of blogging cannot be exaggerated enough. In fact, blogging alone can result in a higher ranking for your selected keywords. While creating a blog on your actual website is crucially important, see our own blog on SEO Geeks’ website, creating a Blogspot (Blogger) account is nearly as important. As Blogspot (and YouTube, for that matter) are products of Google, linking these accounts to one another is important. For example, when creating a YouTube account, our SEO service always makes sure to link the account to the correct Google+ page.

This is equally important when linking your Blogspot account, and can easily be done by clicking “Settings” when logged in at Blogspot. Another important factor in blogging is keywords. Make sure all blogs have keywords that resemble the selected keyword(s) you would like to rank higher for. The keyword(s) should be repeated – indirectly and directly – throughout the article, but should never consist of more than 2 % of the article’s total text.

2. Be Active on Google+

As Google+ is Google’s own social media child, this social media platform is crucial for ranking higher on Google. Not only will an active account here lead to more visitors from the social media network, but this account will also help your website standing, – and almost just as important – an active Google+ account will lead to higher visibility in Google Maps. Remember to upload photos of your business to the interior- and exterior folders, and make sure to get Google reviews to help your Google Maps standing. Our Newbury Park SEO service has become very aware of the importance of the Google networks.

Creating a Google+ account will also set up a Google Maps marker and will allow your company to receive Google reviews from customers. Remember to link your Google+ account not only to your website but also to YouTube, Blogspot and other blogs you may have. As our service is based in Newbury Park, we also try to add a map of Newbury Park, CA to several of our blog posts. This will help our local standing for people searching for SEO service in Newbury Park.

3. Create a LinkedIn Account

LinkedIn might be the most underestimated social media it is. Not only does Google rank these accounts higher than almost any other social media platform, but an online presence on LinkedIn can also help your business in an array of other ways, as for example providing you with connections for marketing or new employees. Remember to always fill out the entire business user profile. Do not leave any fields empty.

4. Link Your Website To Google and Bing

As an SEO service, we know how important it is for Google to easily read your website. This can be done in several ways. For one, you should always add your Google Webmaster Tools to verify your ownership of your website. This makes Google read your content as more valuable, as it has a recognized owner. Secondly, you should also upload a sitemap to your Google Webmaster Tools as well as your Bing Places For Business. This makes the search engines more able to read and analyze your website, which often results in a higher ranking on the search engines.

5. Create Listings on Bing and Yext

Both Bing and Yext (formerly Yahoo) offer free ways to list your business. Just as you registered your business on Google+, creating a free business listing on Yext and Bing are also important factors for ranking higher. The same can be said for Apple Maps, where you can access Apple Maps Connect and create a free listing for your website. While many may over-exaggerate their efforts on Google, any SEO service will tell you that a listing on these platforms will help your overall online presence. Do not forget that Yahoo is the standard search engine for Safari, one of the world’s most widely used web browsers. A listing on Yext can therefore easily help your ranking for possible clients searching from their iPhones, iPads or MacBooks.

SEO Geeks is a relatively new SEO service, which was established in 2015, but already in 2017, our company bragged more than 10 full-time clients. These companies and services vary in size, shape, and form – from some of America’s largest limo services to some of the smallest neighborhood stores in Thousand Oaks, CA.

Our Newbury Park SEO service offers a wide array of digital marketing techniques and offers. From web designing, website development, Google SEO to social media management and optimization – we can help your company by increasing your online visibility. Whether your a local service or company here in Newbury Park, or anywhere else in the U.S., let SEO Geeks prove how we can help you rank higher on Google.

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