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September 15, 2018

While Newbury Park residents have many choices for SEO services in the LA- and Ventura County Areas, few services can brag our SEO results on Google! Examples include ranking number one for limo services in Ventura (Ventura County Limousine) and Newbury Park (Blackhawk Limousine). Our Newbury Park service has also helped achieve great results for other companies, such as the Simi Valley-based CPAP Pro. No matter what kind of business or service you are trying to promote, our SEO professionals are experts at increasing your SEO-standing and Google-rankings. But with all the SEO companies in the LA- and Thousand Oaks region, why choose us?

1) Individual Projects

When choosing our Newbury Park service, you can choose exactly what platforms to focus on. While the quickest results are experienced with our SEO packages, some clients prefer us to focus on work on one platform, for example a website or blog. We operate all types of social media, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. SEO Geeks also creates and manages state-of-the-art websites.

2) Cancel When You Like

Unlike most SEO (search engine optimization) companies, we do not have a mandatory subscription nor plan. With our service you pay monthly invoices and you are free to cancel whenever the next invoice arrives. In other words, if you would like just a month of work to get started, we can happily assist you.

3) See The Improvements

All our customers receive a monthly keyword- and status report, highlighting any improvements seen on Google. These reports make it easy for the client to stay up to date with what’s going on, and helps the customer see the actual accomplishments of our service. We also register your business with Google, Yahoo, Bing and Apple. And of course, hire our service and do a simple Google search to see your incredible results.

4) State-of-the-Art

Our SEO company only utilizes the most recent – and proved successful – techniques to improve rankings. Our experts include Nicolai “Nick” Andersen, CEO and graduate of California Lutheran University (CLU), and Sebastian of Tel Aviv University (TAU) in Israel. Our service offers expertise such as blog-specialization, image-optimization, premier website-design and social media management. We combine the best SEO-techniques of Los Angeles and Tel Aviv, producing powerful and guaranteed improvements in Google rankings.

5) Learn The Techniques

While we do the work, you can follow the progress and see what work has been done. By visiting the blogs and studying the website-coding, you can easily get a hang of what’s necessary for your website to improve rankings. Become your own social media manager by following in our footsteps!

Contact us today to experience soaring standings on Google- and other search engines. Our premier SEO service is located in the Newbury Park region within Thousand Oaks city limits.

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